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Care Homes Postcards

11/30/2020 15:55
The children are getting ready to post our postcards to our Care Homes.  Thanks to An Post for helping us further strengthen our compassion, our kindness and also staying connecting to our local and national communities #community #kindnessmatters #communityfocus  

Clean Air Week

11/23/2020 15:14
As party of our ongoing goal to achieve our Green Flag for travel, last week we launched a No-Idling Campaign outside the school gates.  This campaign is a key to reducing air pollution and in turn protecting ourselves, our school, our environment and our wallets. This week is Clean Air Week...

St. Michael's Launches No Idling Campaign

11/12/2020 15:48
As you all already know we are a very proud Green School.  We are presently working towards our Travel Flag.  As part of our work on promoting sustainable travel to and from school, we are launching a “No Idling” campaign outside the school gates.   We have sent home letters to...

Science Week 8th-15th November

11/09/2020 12:24
Science week kicks off here at St. Michael's this morning and is ongoing all week.  It is always a much loved and fun packed week and the children are always exposed to all aspects of science in our environment and beyond.  This year is slighly different as a lot of the activities are...

Hallowe'en Fun Active Day

11/09/2020 12:20
Check out our FAcebook page to view snippets of the winderful fun and active day we had the day of the Hallowe'en holidays.  We started off with a Green School's Festive Walk in our bubbles to highlight alternative and sustainable commuting methods.  We then had a whole school socially...

HSPC Parent's Guide to Close Contacts within a school setting

11/03/2020 21:56
Dear Parents.  Please find a link below to a document from the HSPC which explains what happens if your child has been told they are a close contact of Covid-19 in school. Le meas, Sinéad Doherty Principal. A Parents Guide to Close Contacts in School.pdf (67457)

Return to Educational Facility Parental Declaration Form

09/28/2020 15:09
You can download this form and return to the school after your child's absence. Many thanks. Return to Educational Facility declaration form (1).pdf (97204)

COVID-19 Policy Statement for St. Michael's NS

08/04/2020 12:23
Please see attached, the COVID-19 Policy Statement and also the COVID-19 Response Plan for the Safe and Sustainable Reopening of Primary Schools and Special Schools.   COVID-19_Policy Statement.pdf (278656) COVID 19 RESPONSE PLAN DES.pdf (1081420)

Tutorial Videos for Seesaw

06/05/2020 15:23
Please find some video tutorials for seesaw which you might like to refer to for help. ( Tutorial provided by Monaghan Education Centre- very helpful for students and parents who are responding to activities at...

Highly commended

05/14/2020 15:32
I'm delighted to inform you that I received an email today from a divisional inspector with the Dept. of Education.She commended the engagement of school and families during Active Week.She was following our social media platforms and congratulated the energy shown by the whole school...
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