Student Council 2023-2024

Meet the Student Council of 2023. 


The new members of the Student Council were elected into office in term one of 2023.  They quickly got down to business and discussed their ideas for the year.  Their first mission was organising Hallowe'en activities and it was a massive success.  They organised the following

  1. Music on the yard for both breaks
  2. Art/Colouring Competition from Junior Infants to 2nd class
  3. Art/Poem/Short story competition from 3rd-6th classes.  Winners announced at Assembly.
  4. Treat Day and movie afternoon the day of Hallowe’en holidays.  Appropriate movies selected by SC and brought to class teacher.
  5. Hallowe’en Party in classrooms.
  6. Best Dressed Homemade Costumes for each class, to be judged at a Hallowe’en Walk on day of the holidays. 

Student Council- 2023-2024

Student Council

Our very first Student Council was set up in February 2022.  This was done following self-nominations and class elections.  Council members are Freya, Eve, Sadhbh, Emma, Sophia, Rachel, Emily and Sarah-Jane. All activities and events will be advertised on our social media pages.  Pictures of events will also be found on our social media pages.  

The first small fundraiser was for Down Syndrome Centre North East to coincide with Lots of Socks Day on March 21st .  We designed small flyers and these were distributed to all pupils and staff.  €262 was raised for Down Syndrome Centre North East on our first year. In our second year we raised €496.  As a council we’re very proud of how these fundraisers have gone.  

Our next activity as a Student Council  was to mark and create awareness of Daffodil Day on Friday 25th March.