Green School's News

 Here at St. Michael's we are a very proud Green School.  We've already obtained our Waste Flag, Our Energy Flag and most recently our Water Flag.  We are now in the process of our Travel themed flag which we hope to obtain in the following academic year (2020-2021). We got our first Green Flag-Waste Flag in 2015, followed by our 2nd Green Waste- Energy in 2017 and we got our most recent Green Flag -Water in 2019.   All going to plan we will obtain our 4th Green Flag-Travel themed in 2021.  


As a Green School, we thrive to help create a healthy environment conducive to learning, while reducing waste, learning about reusing and recycling saving energy and water and in turn we're helping our BOM save money.  We care deeply about environmental issues, and wish to make a positive change to the environment around us. The Green-Schools programme provides an ideal way for fostering environmental awareness into the lives of all of us here at St. Michael's.


Look at our subpages under Green Schools page for further information on the individual theme.  Bain sult as