Biodiversity Theme

Step 1:- Green School Committee
Please read the link below to find out more about step 1 of our 7 steps programme for our travel theme.  The Green-Schools Committee aim to direct the Green-Schools programme/theme in St. Michael's.  It is the driving force behind the programme and should ensure that all 7 steps are carried out.
Step 2: Environmental Review
The aim of this step is to find out the current situation as regards 'Biodiversity' within St. Michael's.  First, the committee did a Biodiversity Awareness Survey from 2nd to 6th Class.  See attached filefor the results. We aim to repeat this on year 2 to see if there are many changes to the survey. 
The committee also did a Habitat Mapping of the school grounds.  This is a visual representation of any areas related to biodiversity.  The committee assessed what kind of habitats/space we have.  From here we discussed plans for practical improvements/projects and these ware put into our Action Plan.  We will repeat this exercise n year 2. 


Step 3:- Action Plan

The aim of the Action Plan is to identify targets and goals to promote more biodiversity on our school grounds. The findings of the Environmental Review have identified targets for our Action Plan.  See Action Plan.  



Step 4- Monitoring and Evaluating

Monitoring and Evaluating involves ensuring that progress towards targets is checked, amendments are made where necessary and achievements are rewarded and celebrated.  See Monitoring and Evalation


Step 5- Curriculum Work

This step links the Biodiversity Theme to all areas of the curriculm


Step 6- Informing and Involving

Step 6 ensures that the whole school and the wider community of Corcaghan and its surrounding areas, are aware of the Green-Schools work that is being done in St. Michael's NS.


Step 7- Green Code

Our final step in the 7 steps Programme on our Biodiversity Theme is highlighting the theme in a fun and catchy way. 

Photo Gallery: Biodiversity Theme

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