Biodiversity Theme

Step 1:- Green School Committee
Please read the link below to find out more about step 1 of our 7 steps programme for our travel theme.  The Green-Schools Committee aim to direct the Green-Schools programme/theme in St. Michael's.  It is the driving force behind the programme and should ensure that all 7 steps are carried out.
Step 2: Environmental Review
The aim of this step is to find out the current situation as regards 'Biodiversity' within St. Michael's.  First, the committee did a Biodiversity Awareness Survey from 2nd to 6th Class.  See attached filefor the results. We aim to repeat this on year 2 to see if there are many changes to the survey. 
The committee also did a Habitat Mapping of the school grounds.  This is a visual representation of any areas related to biodiversity.  The committee assessed what kind of habitats/space we have.  From here we discussed plans for practical improvements/projects and these ware put into our Action Plan.  We will repeat this exercise n year 2. 


Step 3:- Action Plan