Travel Theme

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Hidden Places Project

Whilst we could’t run our week-long, walk to school call to action event this year, due to Covic-19, we followed the Green School's idea to celebrate Walk to School Week 2020 with a twist! 


We arranged as a school, to take part in a Local Environment Project which involved taking in features in our local surroundings.  We asked the children, how well did they know their 2-5km radius zone?  We asked the children and families to take a walk into the great outdoors and discover what their 2-5km has to offer. This was a unique time in their lives to fully explore and quietly observe their natural surroundings.  We were amazed with what came back to us.  KIlmore and Drumsnat has so much hertigae and history not to mention natural beauty in it.  Please see photos in the travel section to see some of the findings and we also updated our Facebook and Twitter pages.  Some of the major heritage places were Drumsnat Monastic Site, Cahan's Church, ring forts-Lisnaraw & Blackhaw Forts, Mass Stones, Cahan's Manse, Ardaghey Forge, bridges and so on. It was a truly amazing project and feedback from the children and families w

Active Week

During Active Week 2020, we encouraged the children to use as many modes as transport as possible so we had a lovely integration of Green School's and Active Week.  This was done following the Government's Guidelines during Covic-19.  Check out our pictures for various vehicles, like bicycles, tractors and flickers to name just a few.




Travel Theme- 7 steps Programme (Step 2)

Step 2: Environmental Review

Please read the link below to find out more about step 2 of our 7 steps programme for our travel theme.  The aim of the Environmental Review is to find out the current situation as regards travel within and around St. Michael's. 


Travel Theme- 7 steps Programme (Step 1)

Step 1: Green-Schools Committee

Please read the link below to find out more about step 1 of our 7 steps programme for our travel theme.  The Green-Schools Committee aim to direct the Green-Schools programme/theme in St. Michael's.  It is the driving force behind the programme and should ensure that all 7 steps are carried out.