Active school Week

04/24/2016 17:11

April 25th-29th 2016 promises to be a very active and energy sapping week as St. Michael's N.S. take part in their inaugural "Active School Week". There will be plenty of activities throughout the week including dance, gymnastics, GAA skills and Active Yard were staff and children will have fun participating in the many games organised by the station leaders.

On Friday we will round off the week with the "mile with a smile" run/walk where the children will walk or run a mile on the school grounds. All the children have been getting fitter and faster as the weeks have gone by so now it will be time to do the mile and be proud of all the hard work they've put in to get ready for this day. We hope to have a healthy fruit snack at the finish line to reward everyone for their efforts. Check-in next week for photos of the week ahead.