National SOW Day

03/19/2021 17:07

As part of National Scoot to School Week (March 22nd -26th), we are encouraging our pupils to bring their scooters to school on National SOW Day (Scoot on Wednesdays), which is on Wednesday the 24th of March this year.  As a Green School we always show our support and encourage a greener, healthier environment. This initiate would also be of benefit to us as we continue to work towards gaining our Travel Flag.

As our school is unfortunately unsuitable to scoot to, we invite children to bring their (non electric) scooters to school for lunchtime play.  Last year's National SOW Day was a huge success and the children had great fun on their scooters. This is however a non compulsory exercise and we understand that it is not possible for every child to bring their scooter to school, nor does every child own a scooter.  This is an invitation only however, it is a fun and safe way to demonstrate to our children that there are more sustainable methods of transport available to us.  Looking forward to National SOW Day (Wednesday 24th March 2021)