St. Michael's Champions League

11/04/2014 15:43

Next Monday 10th November will see the children of 2nd - 6th Class join together and play in a special indoor soccer tournament! It's our own Champions League! The teams are as follows:

Celtic, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Liverpool, Arsenal, Ajax, Man City and Man Utd. 

The teams will battle it out in two groups of 4 and will play each other on a round robin basis.

We're looking forward to some skilful, sporting displays. There will be a cup and a shield competition so that every team gets a fair chance.

Matches will be on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for the next three weeks. Children can wear their tracksuits these days. Please see the link below for details on rules, fixtures etc.St. Michael-s Champions League.docx (309004)