Write a book project prize winners!

05/08/2018 20:33

Well done to all the children that entered their own book into this year's write a book project. The worthy winners are listed below:

Highly Commended

Hollie C 3rd

Neasa D 2nd

Emily D 2nd

Aoife D 1st

James Mc C Sen. Inf

Leah G Sen. Inf

Emma Mc C Sen. Inf

Sadhbh D Sen. Inf

Caitlin G 5th

Dervla G 5th

Tom D 6th

Zara D 4th

Seamus S 3rd

Katie T 1st

Merit Awards

Leah Mc C 3rd

Mia Mc A 2nd

Evie Mc A Sen. Inf

Casey Mc E 1st

Charlie D 1st 

Emily Mc E 4th

Hannah Mc C 6th

Aine B 5th

The awards ceremony date an time will be forwarded as and when I receive it. 

Le gach dea ghuí,