Mrs. Quinn's Projects

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Mrs. Quinn



The boys and girls in senior infants worked co-operatively together. The children worked together to create different things  with the lego. They really enjoyed this experience and shared what they had made with the group.        

The children in St Michael's NS were enjoying their pancakes today and this continued in our social group !

During Social Group this week the boys and girls talked about the 'Titanic'. They worked together to build the Titanic,  an iceberg and life boats.





The Junior Infants have been doing lots of hard work learning how to write their letters!!


Our Social group are getting in the festive spirit!!!!!









The boys and girls have been working cooperatively together to make lots of different things with the blocks. The children have been making robots, castles, towers and mazes. We have been learning about the importance of working together as a team to make different things.


The boys and girls have also been playing other social games such as Jenga, matching games, snap, dodgeball and ' hot potatoe' .