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Timetable for Active School Week 2024  
We started our Active School Week with Aoibhinn Mc Ginnity Yoga. The children learned all about the importance of breathing,developing strength and flexibility while calming our minds. A big thank you to Aoibhinn for just a fantastic day! 
Drop Everything and Dance
We had great fun doing our whole school 'Drop Everything and Dance' today. 
Athletics was on the cards for today for #ASW 2024. Today the children practiced speed,agility and how to co-ordinate our legs and arms when running! 
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Active Dice 
We had great fun playing 'Active Dice' today. The children took it in turns to roll the dice and everyone in the classroom including the teachers performed the exercise! 
Cardio drumming in action! 
Rang a trí agus rang a ceathair starting their morning off with some cardio drumming. 
Active Lines 
Have a look at our video of the whole school getting ACTIVE together! 
Today, the children enjoyed Karate lessons. They got to try out some moves,larn about the importance of composure and how Karate can be used to keep us save. A big thank you to Paddy and Brendan for today! 
Seated Dance 
We tried out new ways of keeping active today. Have a look at our seated dance! 
Walkway Challenges 
Each class used our Active Walkway to complete a Fairy Trail,SESE quiz, Nature Trail and an Active Gaeilge trail.  
Dance with Lesley 
We had a fantastic active Thursday with Dance with Lesley. Lesley is a past pupil. It was a fantastic opportunity to see a past pupil showcasing her talents. Every class learnt a new dance from start to finish! There was a lot of thirsty children afterwards! 
Have a look at our videos of dance active children! 
Core Kids with Eimear 
What a way to end #ASW2024! Many thanks to Core Kids Monaghan for fantastic dance and gymnastics sessions today! 
AB Coaching 
This mornings coaching session with AB Coaching. Many thanks to Sean Mc Dermotts GAA for making the coaching possible  #OneClubOneCommunity 
Parachute Fun 
Dance Take Over 
We participated in the Active School Flag #DanceTakeOver. The children practiced the Waka Waka dance all week. As a whle school, we preformed the dance on our New Astro pitch ! 
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We had great fun trying #rocktheboat dance challenge 
Have a look at our Active Homework during ASW 2024 at homework club and at home! 
Pupil V Teacher event 
The teachers took on the 6th class pupils in a Penalty Shoot Competition! 
Staff physical activity initiative as part of #ASW 2024
As part of ASW 2024, staff decided to carry out the 'Escape Your Chair' Challenge from the Irish Heart Foundation. Each staff member was specifically during ASW 2024 to decrease their  amount of sedentary time both at home and at school. 
What did you enjoy about Active School Week 2024? 
To complete FOUR different types of ACTIVE ACTIVITIES 
each day during 

The children used their Challenge Sheet to record what activities they completed each day. 

Have a look at just SOME of the different activities done!



To learn the TIK TOK dance to the song Blinding Lights
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Active School Week 2021



During this week, children will have opportunities to complete a wide range of active activities at school and at home. A copy of physical activity homework will be given to your child/children. Children will be asked to keep a record of the physical activity completed. A physical activity challenge will be set by a different adult each day.


Our school timetable for Active School Week 


Active School Week began on Monday 26th April. Today each class got an opportunity to try out an Obstacle course set by our fantastic Active Agents. Our second active activity for the day was cycling training by Bike Green. We finished our day with some movement breaks using the Bizzy Breaks padlet from the Irish Heart Foundation. 

Tuesday was an extra ACTIVE day. Today, children enjoyed a Jungle Body dance session with Elaine, a socially distanced skipathon, Run around Ireland laps and a walkway activity!


Jungle Body.MP4 (2701338)

Monday & Tuesday

We kicked Wednesday off with Tag Ruby with M.A. Health Fitness and Nutrition. The children enjoyed practicing new throwing and catching skills. Just before lunchtime, we had a whole school Drop Everything and Dance session. The afternoon was filled with games and doing our laps for our Run Around Ireland whole school running initiative.Junior and Senior Infants got to try some Parachute games too!

On Thursday, we enjoyed a Fitness Zoom class with our local Coral leisure centre, Active Lines, Limbo, game stations, Run around Ireland and we even manage to squeeze in a whole school Safe Cross Code dance between the rain!

Wednesday & Thursday

We finished Active School Week 2021 in ACTIVE style! Each classroom kicked off their morning with laps which marked the end of our whole school running challenge 'Run Around Ireland'. We reached 15 destinations in four weeks. What an achievement for all the children! 

Next the Active Agents set up a Teacher's Challenge, which involved teachers running with a pretend vacination. See the instructions attached. The remainder of the morning was spend doing Athletics and Games with Darren from Monaghan Sports Partnership. We concluded the week with a Pound class with Pamela Treanor. The children got to make as much noise as they wanted using their feet, voices and wooden spoons!

Active Challenge Charts





Active Challenge Charts and Photos




We had a great week celebrating Active School Week 2021. A big thank you  to all our special visitors; Bike Green,Jungle Body by Elaine, Malcom Allistar, Coral Leisure, Darren Freeman , Monaghan Sports Partnership and Pamela Treanor. 

A massive well done and thank you to all the our wonderful pupils, parents, staff that made it so enjoyable. We are looking forward to Active School Week 2022 already! 


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