The curriculum focuses on: 
Athletics, Dance, Games, Outdoor and Adventure,
 Aquatics and Gymnastics.
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Our School Yearly Plan


A standardised Physical Education timetable is compiled each year where all classes are taught the same strand of the curriculum in the month.

Yearly PE Plan 2020 2021.doc (30208)



Fundamental Movement Skills 


This year we have been focusing on the

 Fundamental Movement Skills of:


Side stepping

Jumping from a distance





Sidestepping.mp4 (1343525)


FMS jumping.mp4 (1611276)



FMS.mp4 (959883)


Junior & Senior Infants practicing the fundamental skill of Skipping!








As a school, we have decided to make  ‘Athletics’ our priority strand. 




Take a look at what we have been doing!




We kick started our new school year, with Games. We had great fun playing lots of different types of games with our classmates!




Outdoor and Adventure 


During the month of October, we used our own school environment for our outdoor and adventure lessons.




We have been Busy BEES!



During the months of November and December, we have been doing Dance! We had great fun learning some new dance moves and dancing to our favourite tunes.





 As part of the Physical Education curriculum, all children from Junior Infants to sixth class completed a block of swimming lessons in Coral Leisure Centre in Monaghan.  They have been learning how to swim using a float, the front crawl and back stroke. All the children really enjoyed this great experience. A big thanks to the swimming instructors and to the parents who helped out. 





During the month of March, we focused on the strand of Athletics. 

Athletics is our priority strand for this year. 



Our School Team took part in the Primary School Athletic Competition in Kilmore. 

Well done to all the children involved!




All our P.E. Lessons will take place outdoors and following the Covid 19 Guidelines




We began our new school year with the Physical Education strand of Games










Outdoor and Adventure 

During the month of October, we had great fun discovering our school environment. We had a trail for Maths week. A big thank you to Mr. Greenan for organising it! 






During the month of November, we explored how to make sequences of movements and symmetrical movements with our bodies.







This month we focused on incorporating two fundamental movement skills of Side stepping and Skipping through fun games!