The Active Flag is awarded to schools who endeavour to achieve a physically active and physically educated school community. The initiative aims to promote

 ‘more schools to become more active, more often’ 



With much hard work and dedication from our Active school committee, pupils and staff, St Michael’s was officially recognised as an ‘Active School’ in 2017.



 Since then, we have remained active through  Active Yard, Go Noodle, Tennis, Gymnastics, Dance and participating in cross country, gaelic and soccer events. Have a look at the photographs from our Active School Week 2018, 2019 and 2020!




We started our Active School Flag renewal process last year and are hoping to receive our second Active School Flag this year. 


As with all areas of school life, the support and participation of all members of our school community including pupils, staff and parents is hugely important to ensure St. Michael’s is an Active School.



Look at our new school sports jerseys


A big thanks to Duffy Engineering Poultry Equipment Ltd for sponsoring our new jerseys!





Our Active School Slogan 


Commit to be Fit 


Slogan finalists


Our Active School Rap


Meet some of our Active Leaders 2019/2020
Active leaders are responsible for deciding games for each of the five active stations, setting up the equipment and explaining how each game is played to each group. 

 Meet our  Active School Committee 2020/2021

 The Active Agents have regular meetings
 outdoors to share, discuss and plan active activities for the whole school. 




Our Active School Noticeboards


We use our Active School Noticeboard to show everyone how we are staying active at school.
     Our Achievement Wall 
We have very talented pupils in our school. 


Our Sports Facilitates 


Our PE Hall 

Our School Playground 

We are really lucky to have a large spacious playground with basketball nets and goal posts!   

Our Green Area 

When the weather is good, we use our green area for Physical Education lessons, to play soccer,gaelic and to practice for Cross Country running and Sports Day.



Our P.E. Store Room


We conduct our annual P.E. audit in October. The Active Committee sorted all our equipment into different types of boxes and labelled them for everyone to be able to see them clearly!